Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Things looking Up??

The BEST Medicine?
They say that laughter is the best medicine, and I couldn't agree more. But the second best medicine just has to be a nice little holiday!

Have just come back from my mums in Cornwall, and had a great time with the kids, played on the beach, went out and visited the Eden Project, which is well worth a visit for anyone down that neck of the woods.
The kids loved it, especially the Tropical Dome, where Adam had to take off his shire and Chloe's face-painted face smudged and melted to change from a beautiful pussycat to a beautiful mess.
Here are a couple of the flowers from the Tropics

More good news followed when I learned my Uncle has just aquired a property in Florida, so it looks like the kids and I will be off to Disney next year Wahoooooooo!

But when I got back home I did have a bit of a worry, I had a letter from the Letting Agent saying I was two months in arrears on the flat and the landlord wanted me out! Luckily the agent had made a mistake in the letter and was VERY apologetic.

Can't wait for tonight as it will be the first kipping on a memory foam mattress, now it arrived at around 9:15 this morning, rolled up like a rug, didn't look very thick at all, in fact it was more like a sleeping bag. But then after unwrapping it it began to expand, now it is proper thick and very squashy, feels pretty comfy, but we shall see.

OK so happy days are here again, next time I hope to put up a review of Coroline in 3D, and of Hannah Montanna the movie, which I saw with the kids.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hard to take

A bitter pill to swallow

Well I was on a bit of a downward spiral these last two weeks, after finding out the mrs had found someone else - married no less, after only 3 - 4 weeks of me leaving.
So the question begs to be asked "Just how long was it going on for BEFORE I left". At first it REALLY bothered me, but now, and the more I talk about it, the more I realise what an awful, awful woman I was married to for 13 years.

My biggest saddness is how much she has lied to the kids, and how she has wrecked another marraige with no care whatsoever for her boyfriends (STEVE WING of GRANTHAM by the way) wife.

Why am I blogging about it, well cause it helps me, and it sends an advance warning to anyone else out there who may know these two people, they are only concerned about themselves, they care nothing about anyone else.

I said I was on a downward slope, but not anymore, like I said my eyes have been opened and I can see just what everyone else that did care about me saw.
They are worth nothing to me, ONLY my kids count.

Better news next time I hope, Tamazipan pending, and divorce result pending!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Has Britain Got Talent?

Britain's Got Talent - Or has It?

Once again on Saturday, loads of hopefuls set forward to audition in front of the 'wise' judges to try to get their face in the limelight and their shot at the bigtime. But after last weeks show (the 2nd one) it got me to thinking, just how staged are these auditions and just how many chances do these acts get?

The reason I question this? One act Shaheen Jaragholi

Now if you didn't see the audition Shaheen started to sing the Amy Winehouse song "Valerie", after only a few bars Simon stopped the audition (No Buzzing? Odd that!) and asked him if he knew another song, to which Shaheen said about an old Michael Jackson song "Who's Loving You", he then proceeded to belt out the number in a very good vioce that was totally different from the Amy song.

So questions to ask, Why no Buzzing? Why or rather How did Simon know this 12 year old could sing far better than the song he had chosen for an audition? And finally, Why did he get "a second chance"?

Granted a talent would have been missed if that had not happened, but it does get you wondering. Next on to this week and the 3rd show -DJ Talent(less).

This guy was buzzed 4 times yes 4 times which (and the itv bosses can correct me if I am wrong) meant the audition is over and you have to leave the stage. But this guy, stayed on talking his (rap) talk, looking a complete dick with his gold teeth, and then all four judges put him through - EH? Go Figure!

The thing that gets me is there ARE lots of people who have been put through at the expense (possibly) of more talented people, that have NO CHANCE of getting through to the live tv shows.

I can probably list a good number of acts that we will see in the semi-final right now;

Susan Boyle - Won't win, but will get record deal

Flawless - Won't win, can't have two dance acts win in a row

Diverity - Won't win see Flawless

Shaheen Jaragholi - Joint fav to win

Hollie Steel - Joint fav to win

Julian Smith - Saxophonoist extradanaire - a chance if the cute vote doesn't win the day.

So there you go, there will also be a crap act get through just for entertainments sake.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Judging by Appearances

Did you Judge by Appearances......?

Because I know I did!

The person I judged? None other than worldwide singing sensation Susan Boyle. Come on admit it, look at her...

For all those PRIVILEDGED enough to see this frumpy, odd looking Scotswoman, their first thought was "Oh Dear" I know to my regret that is what I thought. Simon Cowell, the most opinionated judge on Britains Got talent and probably the most cutting in his remarks (no matter how honest they might be), rolled his eyes when she told her age, as if he was saying "Yeah right".

Cut to the audience, and a young girl looking at her as if it was a clown convention. Then the music played and we all waited.....you know the rest.

At the end of the song, my daughter looked at me and said "daddy why are you crying?" I just stayed silent for a while and then said "I didn't know I was, she has got one hell of a voice"

20 million hits on youtube, in talks already for a recording contract, but does this phase Susan, so far no. Lets hope it doesn't change.

Susan Boyle has given me something to remember, normally I wait until I know someone before judging them, but I forgot all about that with Susan, just expecting the worst. Happily I was proven wrong.

But one of the best things was Cowells reaction, he sat there head in hands and gave a noticeable dream like sigh, as if to say "This is what I call dreamland, heaven, this is the the voice I have waited for for years". Or was it the thought of the money he could make from it all?

Susan Boyle may not win Britain's Got Talent, but she has given hope to countless millions, joy to millions, and made us all look at each other in a different light. For that I say...


Friday, April 03, 2009

A few things

Nice to have thing the way I want

It has been an interesting few months to say the very least. I have gotten in touch with a mate I thought I had lost, have settled in to my new flat, have been away in the UK on countless jobs and managed to watch a few films, as well as design a new DVD cover! Like wow finally I have managed to do what I want, with nobody to have a go at me!

Here is the cover;

Yep it's Monsters Vs Aliens, Ok I know it has only just come out in the cinemas but what I like to do is try to anticipate what the DVD cover might look like upon it's release. It is also a film that I want to take my kids to see, but only when Chloe is out of her wheelchair!

The other cover I am working on is Terminator 4 : Salvation.

OK so what films have I seen, well there has been one that has been on my wanted list for a whils but to be honest I was disappointed.....


So here is the premise is of some friends at a party, and one guy is videotaping them, very soon something crashes to the ground, and the next thing we know the friends are on the run.

Lets cut to the chase, the first 20 minutes of this film are shite, nothing happens and it is sooooo boring, I was about to turn it off when the 'thing' landed and all hell broke lose. Except it didn't really, shaky camera action, glimpses of the monster, and to be honest not a lot else going on.

The glimpses you get of the creature aren't great so it keeps you guessing, and the acting is pretty believeable, but the thing that makes the film "better" is the use of shaky hand cam action. The clever use of this gives you the feel of being there. Aside from that it really isn't a movie I would have paid to watch at the cinema, especially the crap begining. OK there are some good things, but overall it just doesn't grab the attention long enough.

So 2*'s for cloverfield, next up I am hoping to watch Hellboy 2, and as I really enjoyed Hellboy, I am looking forward to this one!